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Because it has always been my intention to offer an alternative to HMO-prescribed psychotherapy in which each individual is empowered to make their own mental health care decisions, I only accept direct payment for services provided.

My standard fee is $150 for a 55 minute session. Payment can be made via credit or debit card, Health Savings Account, TASC card, personal check or cash. Clients have the flexibility to pay for sessions in the manner that best works for them, e.g., pay per session or be billed once a month. An initial in-person consult appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes and there is no cost for this appointment.

Reimbursement Options

In some cases clients may be able to use their flexible spending account, health reimbursement account, medical savings account or out-of-network benefits to offset the cost of my services.  For more information on these options and if they are available to you, contact your health insurance company or human resources representative.

If needed, I am able to provide a superbill for those who would like to seek reimbursement using out-of-network benefits.

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Benefits of Paying Directly for Services

  • Clients retain more control over their treatment and can ensure complete privacy without concern that an employer or insurance company will be able to review their personal information or files.

  • Clients can actively participate in decision-making regarding duration of treatment, frequency of sessions and goal-setting without micromanagement or intrusion from insurance companies.

  • Clients can avoid any need to assign diagnoses and/or medicalized treatment unless clinically necessary.


Insurance companies frequently require a psychiatric diagnosis for you to receive reimbursement. If a client wishes to obtain private health or life insurance in the future, the information discussed in therapy sessions reimbursed by an insurance company may be open to review and could result in a client being denied coverage or charged higher premiums. Paying out-of-pocket/privately mitigates this concern.

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