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Managing Anxiety

Managing anxiety can prove challenging anytime, let alone during a pandemic. Below are 6 areas of focus with tools to help with anxiety management during this particularly challenging time.

Let's try Physical, rather than Social, Distancing

While we currently need to physically distance for the sake of health and safety, we actually don't want to practice social distancing.  Now, more than ever, maintaining connection with others is of great importance to our overall well-being. Emma Seppela, Ph.D, the Associate Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University states, "Psychologists from Maslow to Baumeister have repeatedly stressed, the truth of the matter is that a sense of social connection is one of our fundamental human needs."  In addition to staying connected to our loved ones and close friends, consider these other options for staying socially connected.

- Consider connecting with old friends. Now can be a great time to get in touch with old friends and catch up.

- Share experiences, not just updates. Sometimes frequent conversations can begin to feel a bit stagnate because the truth is most of us aren't doing anything much different than the week before.  Try participating in a game, a friendly challenge or even a watch party; all creative options to share time together, while being physically separated.

Managing our Media Diet

With so many options from which to get our news, consuming information can become a regular 24/7 habit.  But is there a thing as too much news consumption? Experts say definitely.

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